Just been here for the first time. The place was heaving, it is an old converted pub, quite big if you are looking for stylish decor and a certain ambience then this is not your place. If you like authentic, tasty Indian food with amazingly fast service then you will not be disappointed.
I am very particular about curry and this was literally one of the best I have ever had. We over-ordered (too many starters!) and took much of the main courses home to have the next night! Vegetable korai were amazing (word of warning – I asked for it ‘mild’ and it was still pretty hot – I wouldn’t have wanted it any hotter), chickpeas were delicious, my non-veggie hubby also very happy with his prawn starter and lamb main.


I have been frequenting the dark doors of the Regency club in London for years, (over 10yrs for sure), the best thing about this place is the food, everything is freshly cooked and bursting with flavour. This isn’t the kind of place where they serve a sweet chicken tikka masala, these guys cook authentic Indian food and boy do they do it well! Nothing much has changed in the 10 or so years not even the head waiter. Love this place and the food!


I go to a lot of Indian restaurants but this one is head and shoulders above the rest… The food was tremendous (if of course, you like Indian food!). I went there with my two sons and two friends of theirs. Yes, they have spicy curries but even with the hottest, the natural flavours come through. They even serve chicken/lamb etc on the bone in a curry which is the best way to get the most flavour out of a meat. I was sanguine at first about going to this place but no regrets whatsoever! Very good ambience the extra 10mins on the tube was well worth it!


If you like authentic Indian Food, chances are you have never really had it. Unless your Indian if course. This place is really like a large pub. The demographic is an indication if how good it is, largely UK Indians as the core clients. Super friendly good beers and the curry.? Never had a better one. Its that good.