We do accept walk-ins and we will do our best to seat you ASAP on a first-come, first-serve basis, as and when tables become available.


We have a large bar, where you can have some starters/snacks and drinks whilst you wait for your table.


We understand some may want to make a reservation and we have allocated some tables for bookings.


Evening Reservations:

We offer 2 seatings every evening:

1st Seating is available from 6:00 – 6:30pm

2nd Seating starts at 8:00 – 8:30pm.

Guests dining in the 1st seating are requested to return tables back within 2 hours.


Sunday Reservations:

Sunday is our busiest day of the whole week and we request all guests to return their tables within 2 hours.


Split Bookings:

Please be advised we do not accept Split Bookings (2 bookings for the same group made back to back). Otherwise, a Minimum Spend of £25/head will be required for each booking.


Card Details:

We do request card details for large bookings, if you wish you cancel your reservation, please do so 24hrs prior to arrival, to avoid being charged £10 per person. A cover charge of £10 per person will also be taken for any non-attendees (E.G if you book a table for 20 guests but only 10 people attend.).


Dog Policy:

Well-behaved Dogs are welcomed during Lunch Hours Only. If your pet is distressed during your visit, management reserve the right to refuse entry.


Last Orders:

Lunch: Tuesday – Thursday: 2:15pm / Friday – Saturday: 2:45pm

Dinner: Monday – Thursday: 9:45pm / Friday – Saturday: 10:15pm / Sunday: 9:45pm