About Us

A fusion of cultures and influences of cooking techniques from around the world makes The Regency Club, a family business, one of the finest Bar and Grills around London.

The owner, Navin Sharma began The Regency Club from a single shop for members only in the early nineties and has been able to extend the venue to deliver a service that became a demand by The Regency Club advocates. Today with the addition of Navin’s son, Rahul, the father and son team has seen The Regency Club not only grow in size and popularity, but also the food has become a major factor of the business. The Regency Clubs extensive menu has over 70 dishes alongside a specials menu and our chefs use the finest ingredients to deliver a symphony of flavours with each dish freshly cooked in the kitchen. Our busy kitchen has cooked around 32,000 portions of garlic mogo, a favourite of The Regency Club and the guests that come in to the bar and grill.

Our wow factor

What makes The Regency Club different to all the other Indian restaurants in and around London is the fusion of flavours from Kenya and India and the way the food is cooked. Indians had resided in Kenya for over a hundred years and influences came thick and thin to bring a whole new dimension to traditional Indian cuisine. The Regency Club marinates meat and poultry for 24 hours before it is cooked on a stove or grill, for tender and succulent pieces of meat that is enjoyed by our guests so much that they come back for more. The Regency Club family, invites you for an informal casual dining experience to enjoy freshly cooked food that has a fusion of flavours that will leave your mouthwatering.

Carbon Free Dining

The Regency Club is a Certified Carbon Free Dining Restaurant. We achieve this by planting a single fruit tree for every bill we present. These trees counterbalance the negative environmental impact of our diners’ meal. Below is a counter showing the number of trees planted on behalf of our diners.