The Kitchen

In the kitchen there are a total of 14 staff, 8 of which are chefs with no hierarchy of executive or junior roles. With a busy kitchen at The Regency Club, skills can be applied all around to manage the efficiency of the kitchen. The Regency Club has put their heart into ensuring that all the dishes on their menu can be cooked a hundred times by different chefs with the same taste and texture of each dish. Each member of the kitchen team absorbs the daily running of the kitchen, learning the basics of The Regency Club kitchen etiquette and smelling the aromas of the spices cooking over the grills. Taste is important to The Regency Club and our kitchen staffs’ palates are accustomed to the food that our guests love to eat, it’s important to maintain the standard of the freshly cooked food that our team knows and customers love. From this comes innovation and ideas of how we can develop our specials menu and as long as we have The Regency Clubs stamp of approval you may see something different next time you visit.