By owning a Loyalty Scheme card from The Regency Club you are accepting the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Scheme. The Regency Club does not forward on any personal information to third parties and does not sell your personal information.

When you sign up to our newsletter, we collect personal information from you, which is used for marketing purposes and you will be notified of any exclusive offers and events we hold. By owning a Loyalty Scheme card you agree to not giving or sharing your card with friends and family to collect or spend points on your behalf. Points are collected on transactions paid in full. You cannot collect points based on previous transactions made if your card is not present at the time. You must present your card to a member of staff to benefit from the advantages of the Loyalty Scheme card.

By signing up to The Newsletter you are giving permission for The Regency Club to contact you on a regular basis. Information we will collect from you solely for the purpose of the newsletter includes email address, your name, birthday (day and month only and optional). We will never ask for any other information, which would include anything to do with banking, home address or any other personal information. The information we collect from you in order to send you the newsletter will monitor how you read the newsletter that has been sent by you for our statistics only. 

Should you wish to terminate the subscription of the newsletter, you may do so by referring to a newsletter where you will be able to select unsubscribe, however please note that you will not be able to know about any exclusive offers we will have for card holders only.

Please note that the Loyalty Scheme card is replacing the Membership card, which we are no longer issuing. If you do have any questions regarding the old `Membership card please ask a member of staff and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

We have the right and we may at any point cancel Loyalty Scheme or ask for you Loyalty Scheme card should we feel we need to at the managers discretion.

If you have any questions about your Loyalty Scheme card please contact us by email on

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