Navin Sharma, has a passion for food, hospitality and socialising, so back in 1991, The Regency Club opened as a members only club and it was the first of its kind during the early nineties. Catering for the Indian society, The Regency Club is a place where people can come to after a long day at work to have something to drink and to catch up with friends. Indians that moved to Kenya, hundreds of years ago, adapted a social style that was to enjoy good company, a bottle of whiskey to share and good food, infused with spices that would leave the group of friends wanting more. The Regency Club introduced a small number of dishes cooked in a small kitchen using the family recipes. Within a few years more staff were employed and The Regency Club kept growing with increased numbers of guests visiting, staff and the innovative menu.

Why did you decide to open up The Regency Club?

I wanted to bring the Asian East African dining experience to London for the North West London community. To create a home away from home. The concept of the open plan kitchen was a vision of mine, which is the heart of the Club. When The Regency Club opened in 1991, we were the first of its kind in Queensbury serving drinks with Kenyan and Indian style food, which was cooked in a kitchen with a small hob. Since then we have come a long way and The Regency Club is now a bar and grill that has established well over time and is very much part of the community.

What do you love about owning The Regency Club?

Everyday I meet different people coming to The Regency Club some regular customers and some new. Food and drink is the heart of The Regency Club and I get a buzz out of seeing people eating and drinking our food and I enjoy being able to meet people from all walks of life.

If you had to pick 1 starter, 1 main and a side, which would you choose?

With so many dishes to choose from it is hard to narrow down, but I would choose Chicken Wings, Karahi Methi Chicken and Roti.

What drink would you choose to have with your meal?

Pint of Regency Pils. It was especially handcrafted to suit our dishes and it is a drink that I am very proud to have under The Regency Club.

What is your most proudest moment at The Regency Club?

It is always nice to see Celebrities venturing out to see us and people who have come to The Regency Club all through recommendations from family and friends and when they come back I know we have given them the best food and service, which I am please about.

Are you a keen cook and do you cook at home?

No. Most of the recipes used at The Regency Club are my wifes and she is a really good cook.

Before you opened The Regency Club, what was your occupation?

By trade I am an Accountant but I had the urge to opening up a bar, which I did in 1984 and then I sold the club and opened up The Regency Club in 1991.

What do you have planned in the future for The Regency Club?

The future direction of the company is in the hands of my Son, Rahul, he is the dynamic one at the moment!