An accountant by trade, Navin Sharma envisioned an Indian East African dining experience in North West London, which would be based around a concept of an open plan kitchen. With roots from India and the Sharma family settling in Kenya, a fusion style of seasoning and cooking changed the way Indian food was cooked. Indians that moved to Kenya, over a hundred years ago, adapted a social lifestyle that was to enjoy good company, with a few drinks and good food, infused with spices.

Navin has a passion for food, hospitality and socialising and in 1991, The Regency Club opened as a members only club, a first of its kind located in the quiet area of Queensbury, North West London. A members club where local people would come along to, after work to have something to drink and catch up with friends and share freshly cooked Kenyan influenced Indian food. The Regency Club introduced a small number of dishes cooked in a small kitchen with only two cooking hobs to serve guests with 4 kitchen staff, 3 waiters and 2 bar staff.
Opening up in Queensbury was a place that seemed to be so far away, but as the word spread around London that The Regency Club was a place that has to be visited for the food, the number of guests coming to the bar and grill increased. Seeing people eating and drinking food cooked by a small team and meeting people from all walks of life, Navin was able to see the success growing and due to demand, The Regency Club grew another shop wider and employed more staff to join their family. The working ethos of Navin was 80% passion and 20% business so that everyone can afford to eat good food that is reasonably priced  for all to enjoy. Gradually The Regency Club extended by another two shops that were next door and the four shops undertook some construction work to become an open plan interior with traditional decor, which consisted of a wooden bar, open front kitchen, Tiffany shades that give the ambience of low soft lighting that is best suited to the environment that The Regency Club has achieved along with wood and brass features throughout the venue. Around the bar and grill, booth areas were installed  as well as tables and chairs for guests to sit and enjoy their visit.
The food that was originally served at The Regency Club was only a few dishes to begin with and slowly the number of dishes grew with innovation courtesy of Navin and kitchen staff. Understanding the ingredients and encouraging the ever growing staff to absorb the knowledge of the food, aroma and flavours to develop their tastebuds allowed Navin to ensure the food served to guests was always consistent and delivered to the guests tables with a smile from the waiters within a timely manner.
Since the opening of The Regency Club, Navin had not adopted any marketing methods to advertise the business and all of the guests that have walked through the double doors of the bar and grill have all been through recommendations from family and friends of the guests that have enjoyed the atmosphere, drinks, food and the service provided by The Regency Club family, from the kitchen staff, bar staff and the waiters, who all work together to deliver an exceptional experience. The front of house team has dedicated members working since 1995 and they have seen The Regency Club grow with the positive influences from Navin and the team.  The head waiters who are know as courier waiters have helped to ensure that the efficiency of The Regency Club is maintained and that all guests are serviced to a high standard.